Music: Eurobeat Brony Discord (The Living Tombstone Remix) for Orchestra by Walt Ribeiro, obtained with his and Eurobeat Brony's permission.

Exit: One using SMB3 Leek.

Leek: 1.

Note: This level features "NPC babysitting" to complete it. I have not tested it with Iris, Raocow, Kood or Sheath. It has been tested with a controller, as I suck at platformers using keyboard.

18 June 2013: Tightened up the level to prevent the level from being unwinnable. Also added a backup exit just in case the player de-spawns the primary NPC.

27 July 2013: Removed level from Final Submission Page. Will resubmit at a later date.


There was no cutoff and the folder structure was followed. Neat use of the gimmick and npcs. I'd suggest filtering Sheath due to the weird way she climbs ladders. Also the part with the ice is somewhat harder for raocow, because his fireballs do not bounce too high.  -Willhart.

This level was pretty good, it as some pretty neat obstacles laid out while dodging the tank at the same time. I like it. One issue I found with this level is that it was very laggy for me for some reason, especially the middle portion. I'm assuming it's due to the never ending disco shell generator that causing it to slow down. Sometimes, if you rush the 1st half of the level, you can make the tank stuck and lazily finish the rest of the level. That's an issue that I can't really see how to fix it, but it's not that much of an issue anyway as there is an plan B if that ever happens. I tried the level with both Sheath and raocow. I didn't really have any issues with either of them (though you do need to be quicker with Sheath, plus she make it lag more for some reason [?]), but if you want to place filters for them, that's fine too.
I didn't see any grammatical errors as far as I could tell, so this level is Approved by me.
(btw that rocket ship portion was pretty funny)
-sturgyman 6:34 PM 7/10/2013 (MDT)

Really, quite a cool level in my opinion. Not overly difficult, but definitely not a snorefest. Like Sturgyman said, going too fast can cause you to get stuck, and sometimes there's a way to correct it and make the level still winnable, and other times there's not. One place where I know there's an easy fix on your end is right before you "trap" the tank. At first I thought you were supposed to "trap" the tank in between the 2 lines of gray blocks, and then that area would elevate him upwards. But really, you have to bring him past BOTH lines to get to the elevator. So, if you do what I did, you create an unwinnable situation right at the very end. This confusion can be fixed by getting rid of the left line of gray blocks. One more thing: Even after getting to the section with the leek, the "bomb timer" event is still active. So, you should probably figure out some way to disable the event once the player has killed the tank. Anyway, approved with changes. Cjn14 (talk) 21:51, July 21, 2013 (UTC)

After I receive a third review, I think I'll tweak the Disco Shell generators to reduce lag. Ztarwuff (talk) 12:08, July 14, 2013 (UTC)

OK, I have a ton of major issues with this level, andI don't know how no one saw some of these:

  • It is insanely easy to break the level. As seen in Pholtos's video, you can easily trap the disco shell tank. You can also very easily scroll the disco offscreen at the start so it doesn't move at all, then hit the block with the disco shell still ofscreen and it will never move.
  • It's very easily glitchable. I managed to get a Subscript 9 error and crash the game in this level twice.
  • You can easily go through the Shell/Spikes section as Sheath or Kood. There's also nothing stopping me from usnig a tail ans turning the disco shell before it upslide down, then riding that across.
  • In the Ice blockk/fire section, you can easily glitch through the iother side by shrinking, going on the top conveyor belt, then using a powerup in reserve.
  • For the switch at the end, there's nothing stopping me as Demo or Iris to have a leaf in reserve, then flip over a disco shell from the generator and bring that to hit it.
  • The red switch seems pointless. You could cut that out and the level would not change at all. It feels like atrificial padding, something I am very much against if it doesn't add flavour to the level.
  • The starting section is again pointless. If you die multilple times, it's very boring to go through that evry single time.
  • The bomb timer is still active after exiting section 1.
  • You have a timer, but there's no way for the player to know exactly how much time they have. Sure, you have X mins left in a text box, but that Isn't enough information most of the time, and the text bos can easily screw people over. Use LunaDLL to put a timer in the HUD instead of this poor hack job.

Seeing this accepting with all these major issues (not counting a few nitpicks) worries me, and make me wonder if reviewers are actually going through and testing everything inside and out. As-is. this level will not get in the game. -SAJewers | 12:03 ADT, July 25, 2013

Not to undermine the complaints of a fellow judge, but I think that calling alot of these "major issues" is a huuuuuuge stretch:

  • The first one, I'm beginning to agree with more and more. Ztarwuff should try to fix as many instances of making the level unwinnable by trapping the disco shell as possible. I briefly mentioned that in my review, but I probably should have given more specifics, because it really is an issue in the level.
  • As for the subscript 9 error, I played through the level a multitude of times all the way through and I have not once encountered this error. Then again, I don't know what causes the subscript 9 error, so maybe if you clarified that it would be easier to see how ztarwuff could fix it.
  • Unless ztarwuff has a problem with the alternate solutions to the spike portion, I see no problem with the fact that there are alternate ways around it that make it vaguely easier. Disco shell jumping in this engine is so easy that your complaint is akin to saying that it's a "major" issue for Kood to be able to skip a few turtles in a koopa jumping segment. This is barely an issue, in my opinion.
  • The glitching through to the other side of the fire/ice block section is entirely pointless as far as I can tell, and doesn't seem to break anything. The player would have to be really bizarre in order to try that in a real game situation, because it's somewhat dangerous, and even if he does try it, nothing significant is skipped.
  • I agree that the red switch should be taken out, now that you mention it. It solves the problem of bringing a shell from the generator to hit the switch as well, and ztarwuff could just have the tank fall into a pit at the end.
  • Timer issue I agree with. Also, heh, it's possible to do that with LunaDLL? I should probably actually look at LunaDLL sometime.

-Cjn14 (talk) 18:10, July 25, 2013 (UTC)

My guess is that tha subscript 9 error is because he used the NPC version of the SMB2 without specifying a section, then using a warp, instead of just using the background version of the SMB2 door. Point #3 is probably fine, but he at least should know that. Point #4 i believe you can use to trap the Disco Tank, as it lets you skip two switch blocks, IIRC. -SAJewers | 18:39 ADT, July 28, 2013

This is all good now.