Plot outline so far

After reality falls apart due to Pandamona's interference in Episode 1, Sheath uses the Legendary Turtle Dove to escape to a parallel universe: one that is conveniently the same as Episode 1's except for Pandamona ruining everything and Sheath not being there. Sheath arrives in the middle of a picnic between the heroes and siblings as the crew is playing hide-and-seek, and her arrival causes Demo and the others to retroactively remember her (later revealed to be a result of their Ep. 1 counterparts merging into them). The reunion is short-lived, however, as existence quickly begins falling apart all around them.

The crew are unable to outrun the approaching wave of nonexistence but are rescued at the last minute by the Cronotons, a race of mechanical bird-people in charge of maintaining time. The Chronotons are attempting to repair the universe using a giant reality-altering machine called the R.E.T.C.O.N (Robot Erasing Time Cracks Over-Night), and Demo and company are thus tasked with collecting Super Leeks from different time periods to fuel the R.E.T.C.O.N. As they do so and more eras are restored, they end up drawn into new conflicts with their brother Garish and the now-rogue Pandamona from Episode 1, and in the process they encounter Demo and Iris' Uncle Broadsword.

Initially unbeknownst to the crew, Broadsword and his brothers are working on a plan to bring back the extinct ABCD race by constructing their own machine, the R.E.B.O.O.T. (Robot Extracting Bipeds Out Of Time). Once their nieces' quest is brought to their attention, the other Uncles make efforts to deter the heroes as a precaution against them interfering with the plan; this culminates in Uncle Rewind, Pumpernickel and Denmark working behind Broadsword's back to sabotage the R.E.T.C.O.N., causing the machine to render an epoch irreparably distorted.

Out of concern for Demo and Iris' well-being, Broadsword intercepts them in the corrupted patch of reality, and upon witnessing the temporal mess first-hand and realizing Rewind and the other Uncles were willing to risk their nieces' safety, he begins to question his goal. After one last failed attempt to stop Demo and Iris from getting further involved, Broadsword confronts the other Uncles and renounces the plan, only for him and Uncle @sbestos to be left behind with Pumpernickel assuming leadership of the group; the two then help Demo's crew and the Chronotons take down Pumpernickel.

The crew take down Uncle Rewind's production and leek-gathering operations in the Holoscene Epoch but are unable to stop the R.E.B.O.O.T. from being completed and fueled, so they make their way to the Ethereal Epoch to stop it from being activated. Inside the machine they confront Pumpernickel, who reveals that he is an embodiment of chaos that was manipulating the other Uncles to further his goal of destroying linear time, thus turning the universe into arbitrary nonsense like himself (or, in his own words, "BECOME THE UNIVERSE").

After Pumpernickel's defeat, he breaks into the R.E.T.C.O.N. and tunnels his way to the core in a last-ditch effort to turn it into one big spacetime bomb; Broadsword and the crew follow him into the machine in order to stop him, but at the last minute Broadsword locks himself in the core to keep the others safe. Broadsword fights Pumpernickel to stall him until the Chronotons are able to restore the R.E.T.C.O.N. to a stable state and the two are purged from the core, seemingly erased from existence.

In a post-credits scene, Broadsword and Pumpernickel are revealed to be trapped in in a pocket dimension, playing chess together until some unspecified point in the future when Broadsword escapes.


Intro/World 0

  • The game opens with a brief montage of the ending of Ep. 1, then cuts to a parallel universe where Demo and crew (minus Sheath) are having a picnic with the other siblings; they all decide to play Hide-and-Seek for the last chicken wing, with Demo being "it".
  • Sheath makes her way through the post-production void and arrives in the new universe, forcing the the two universes to attempt to merge and causing reality to fall apart around the crew; everyone flees from the expanding nothingness but ultimately fall into the void.
  • The krew are saved by a mysterious robot bird who transports them to another time period and tasks them with retrieving the Super Leek there.

World 1 - Autumnal Epoch (Hills/Grass)

  • Demo and krew storm the headquarters of the secret Goopinati organization and defeat its' leader, Noctel, with him fleeing the scene and leaving Demo and company to take the super leek.
  • The robobird arrives and introduces themselves as a member of the Chronoton race -- "the ones in charge of cleaning up the mess you all made". They take the Super Leek and send the crew to a new time period, promising to explain more after they find the leek there.

Intermission 1

  • Meanwhile in the Glaciation Epoch, Garish and Mishi are shown to have been restored to existence, along with two of Garish's generals and a small portion of his army.

World 2 - Glaciation Epoch (Snow)

  • Shortly after arriving in the new epoch, the krew arrive at a military base populated by Chronotons and some gray cycloptic goopa troops, learning that the Chronotons have taken a liking to the leader of the troops and humor his new status as their self-proclaimed "king" (mascot).
  • One Chronoton at the base explains the krew's dilemma and takes them to the hub, a spaceport known as the P.O.R.T. or P.O.R.T.S. (the Chronotons can't agree on what the acronym stands for). They are shown the R.E.T.C.O.N and informed of another group that has been detected collecting leeks throughout time, then instructed to bring super leeks to the R.E.T.C.O.N. themselves from now on as a precaution.
  • The krew continue through the Glaciation Epoch and happen upon Garish preparing to march his army to a distant town for conquest; they attempt to hide but are discovered by Garish's generals Brisket and Alabasta. In a panic, Alabasta assumes the krew are enemy assassins and sics the entire army after the crew as he hurriedly escorts Garish to rear of the battalion. The krew fights through Garish's army, culminating in the destruction of a tank and a battle with Brisket and Alabasta.
  • After the fight, Garish finally arrives on the scene, convinced that Demo and crew are trying to prove themselves to him. Impressed, he "recruits" the crew into his army just as the Chronotons arrive and reveal they've set up a "base of operations" (old warehouse) for him in the P.O.R.T.(S.)

Intermission 2

  • Demo and crew feed the Super Leek into the R.E.T.C.O.N. and it restores the Permian Epoch.
  • Meanwhile, two unseen individuals (Noctel and Pandamona) discuss an object of great power being hidden somewhere in the Permian Epoch. Panda instructs Noctel to find it for her so she may become unstoppable.

World 3 - Permian Epoch (Sand/Desert)

  • Arriving in the desert, Demo and crew meet Uncle Broadsword. They part ways after learning Broadsword is seeking a powerful artifact for unknown reasons.
  • Demo and crew encounter Broadsword again in a temple, who is still searching for the artifact. Iris distrusts him and Kood worries that the artifact Broadsword is searching for may be Kood's ring or Sheath's turtle dove; in spite of that, Demo helps Broadsword scour a temple in search of the artifact and the two have a friendly duel over the super leek Broadsword found inside. Before Broadsword can give Demo the leek, however, Noctel arrives and steals it, forcing everyone to give chase.
  • The crew follow Noctel into an ancient labyrinth called the Erebus and find themselves in a dimension between the universe and Post-Production Void known as the Shadowspace. Broadsword confronts Noctel and he returns the super leek, revealing that he had stolen it to sacrifice to his "goddess" and no longer needs it because he found a better offering: the last chicken wing, the artifact Broadsword was looking for. Noctel throws the artifact into a cloud of black and yellow smoke, allowing it to fully manifest into the Shadowspace as a souped-up Pandamona. After announcing her intent to enter the universe through Shadowspace and destroy it from within, "Ultimate" Pandamona tests her new power on Noctel and Broadsword just before the rest of the crew shows up.
  • Demo and co. defeat Pandamona, causing her to launch the chicken wing into the void in a violent explosion of energy. The explosion tears open a hole in the Shadowspace to the surface of the Erebus and upon being exposed to the new reality Pandamona is synced with her counterpart in the new universe and disappears as she is merged into her other self. Demo then jumps through the hole and finds Broadsword waiting for her; he hands over the super leek and disappears before Iris, Kood, raocow and Sheath appear.

Intermission 3

  • Demo and crew feed the Super Leek into the R.E.T.C.O.N. and it restores World 4.
  • Meanwhile, Broadsword meets with the other uncles to discuss the heroes' untimely appearance; He's concerned about the well-being of Demo and Iris/doesn't want to end up fighting them for real, and Rewind and Pumpernickel are cautious of the crew interfering with their plans. @sbestos is stuck with the job of convincing Demo and Iris to leave.

World 4 - Subterranean Epoch (Caves)

  • @sbestos repeatedly tries to deter the crew but fails due to his timid nature.
  • @sbestos summons another enemy to defeat the crew, but this too fails and they retrieve the super leek.

Intermission 4

  • Demo and crew feed the Super Leek into the machine and it restores World 5.
  • Meanwhile, after @sbestos' failure Rewind decides to take matters into his own hands, revealing that he traced the crew back to the P.O.R.T.(S.).

World 5-1 - épopée aquatique (Ocean)

  • Demo and crew recover the super leek from the ocean.

Intermission 5

  • The crew feeds the super leek into the R.E.T.C.O.N. and gets ready for it to activate... and nothing happens. They learn a "weird toaster clock thing" was seen leaving with one or more components of the machine and that he should be somewhere in W5-2 (if multiple then maybe one in particular is irreplaceable and the others are replaced as the krew is in W5-2).

World 5-2 - (Beach)

  • The crew make their way through Uncle Denmark's hotel resort and his secret underwater temple to recover the component from Denmark, who was holding onto it for Rewind.
  • After the crew leaves, the other uncles meet and Rewind and Pumpernickel discuss Denmark's defeat, ominously implying that the krew recovering the component was part of their plan; this worries Broadsword so he volunteers to confront the krew in the next world

Intermission 6

  • The crew brings the component back to the Chronotons and it is reinstalled; the machine is activated again but something seems off with the effect.
  • One Chronoton technician explains that something was interfering with the RETCON's ability to reconstruct reality properly and warns them to be cautious about the next world.

World 6 - Randomly-changing nonsense text (Corrupted Spacetime)

  • Demo and company arrive in the distorted world and decide to try searching for the super leek anyway.
  • The krew see Broadsword in the distance; this validates Iris' suspicions of him and she chases him through a dimension-shifting castle. With each shift, Broadsword's fears about Demo's safety, shock at the corruption of the world and doubts about his plans are projected throughout the castle.
  • Iris catches up to Broadsword and he explains that the uncles' plan was to revive the cyclops race, though he now has reservations about it. Iris still holds Broadsword in contempt for neglecting her in favor of Demo and is eager to fight him, whereas he is now determined to keep his nieces safe by any means necessary.
  • After Broadsword loses, Demo and crew catch up just as Pumpernickel and the other uncles arrive; Broadsword questions Rewind and Pumpernickel for their decision to distort W6, leading the two to berate Broadsword for his lack of conviction to the plan and reassuring him it's for the greater good. Broadsword stays defiant and @sbestos decides to side with him, so the other uncles choose to continue the plan without them.

Intermission 7

  • Demo and crew return to the R.E.T.C.O.N., with the technicians reporting that it should finally be operating normally again. They load the Super Leek into the machine as Broadsword tries one last time to dissuade them, but he is moved by their stubborn insistence and gives in, explaining the specifics of the Uncles' plans: they've been building their own machine modeled after the R.E.T.C.O.N., the R.E.B.O.O.T. (Robot Extracting Bipeds Out Of Time). Broadsword suggests the crew go after Rewind's production and power operations in the Holocene Epoch so that they may stop the final stages of the R.E.B.O.O.T.'s construction.

World 7 - Holocene Epoch (City/Factory)

  • The crew confront and defeat Rewind at his Temporal Power Plant (a leek soup cannery) only to learn that the R.E.B.O.O.T. is nearly operational. Seeing no other option, Demo and company decide to go and try to prevent the machine from being activated.

Intermission 8

  • The crew feed the super leek into the R.E.T.C.O.N. and unlock World 8

World 8 - Ethereal Epoch (Sky/Athletic World)

  • The crew confront Pumpernickel inside the R.E.B.O.O.T., who reveals that he was manipulating the other uncles and that his plan was actually to use the machine to throw the universe into entropy.
  • After his defeat, Pumpernickel's shell shatters and a cloud of smoke escapes from his remains. Denmark then exits the restroom that was hidden just offscreen and, upon noticing the crew, makes a hasty exit. After shutting down the R.E.B.O.O.T., the crew begin a stroll through an enemy montage sequence but are interrupted by a Chronoton bringing dire news about the R.E.T.C.O.N..


  • The crew returns to the P.O.R.T.(S.) and learns that something tore a hole in the side of the R.E.T.C.O.N. and made its' way to the core, causing it to overload. The Chronotons can reset the machine, but the crew is tasked with dealing with the source of the interference.
  • Outside of the core room, the Chronotons use the intercom to inform the crew that, once the crew is able to stop the threat long enough for the system to be reset, they'll have to stay sealed inside as the system is reset and the threat is "purged". As Demo and company argue about who will sacrifice themselves, Broadsword slips in and locks the door behind him. Demo and Iris call to him and beg for him to come back safely, then make their way back out of the machine.
  • Inside the core room, Broadsword finds the source of the instability to be Pumpernickel in a more monstrous, chaotic form. Broadsword fights Pumpernickel until the Chronotons reset the core and the "garbage collection" countdown reaches its' end, and he whispers one last goodbye to Demo and Iris (finally getting the latter's name right) as he and Pumpernickel disappear in a white light that encompasses the room.


  • Broadsword and Pumpernickel play chess in the pocket place thing, with Broadsword winning every round because Pumpernickel refuses to play by the rules.

Postgame/World 9 - Zebraspace

  • In the Tempura Anomaly, the player can meet Uncle Broadsword from an unspecified point in the future; Broadsword explains that he eventually escaped but does not elaborate, saying "it's a story for another day"
  • Demo and company explore an unknown patch of spacetime, getting roped up into a series of sadistic tests by Serac to determine whether they are worthy of the last chicken wing.
  • The crew fights Serac as the last test and leaves with the wing. UNDECIDED YET: After the crew leaves, one of the Second Cousins arrives seeking it themselves; learning the crew has it, they report back to their leader.

Cutscene, NPC and character planning



World 0

World 1


World 2

World 3

World 4

World 5

World 6

World 7

World 8

World 9

Proposed story ideas (severely outdated)

  • The game takes place in a separate, un-wrecked universe from Ep.1.
  • Pandamona's pretty evil, the uncles are in this game. [1]
  • Rough general idea of "Uncles are using Demo and friends for their own gain". [2]
  • __I'll add the stuff from earlier in the thread later__
  • Pandamona serves as the main villain initially and the Uncles become the antagonists after she is dealt with. [3] [4]
  • Pandamonda is resurrected by the Uncles and works under them. [5]
  • Due to Pandamona's interference, the Uncles' plan backfiring or some other thing, the universe is irreversibly doomed; the last stretch of the game becomes figuring out how to escape and preventing the villains from doing the same. [6]
  • Redeemed Uncles (Broadsword and @sbestos?) stay behind to hold off the destruction of the universe to let Demo & company escape. [7]
  • Possible first level:  Sheath uses the Sacred Turtle Dove to travel through the Post-Production Void and reassemble the reality stabilizer. [8]
    • The Post Production Void
      • The bit about living Kood inheriting the memories of his Ep. 1 self gave me an idea: we could do something like that for all the characters: They're are all assembled for whatever reason, maybe they're on a picnic like raocow suggested [see below], then they all experience that rapid-fire flashback thing where the background quickly cycles through grayscale screenshots of events from the first game.  They all get incomplete memories - enough to know that reality is collapsing and the super leeks are somehow involved.  Sheath arrives with the turtle dove and they all set off. This sequence could take maybe... a minute at most(?)  with minimal convoluted dialogue, vague enough that it could be inserted or segue into any plot involving the uncles without much trouble and then tying up the specific plot holes can be handled later. - Rockythechao (Skype discussion)
  • The siblings are in this game, but it's a different universe so no one remembers anything except Sheath. [1]
  • In the new universe the entire family is having a picnic when they decide to start playing hide and seek; siblings vs. uncles, the uncles go out of their way to hide. The more competitive siblings split up while the rest team up. Ep. 1 Sheath arrives and joins the team, thinking everyone just got better and they're hunting Science. At the end, Demo wins the last chicken wing for finding and defeating all the uncles. [9]
    • If there does end up being a chicken wing as a reward/macguffin, it's revealed to be Papi Earthquake as a last-minute twist to serve as a plot hook for Episode 3. [10]
  • Chronotons. Details from Skype need filling in
  • _____________
  • World theme naming: epoch (idea is that each world, except maybe world 9, are on the same planet at different times)
    • WTF world could be either the "Epochalypse" (rockythechao) or "OMG SO Epoch" (Duvi) - Skype
    • "I suggest that one world be an épopée instead of an epoch" - Minnakht (Skype)
    • "one world should be Javascript Epoch" - Minnakht again
    • World 9 could be "Serac and Pumpernickel's New World Epoch" - Duvi (Skype)
    • World 2 as Glaciation Epoch, World 7 as Holocene Epoch?


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