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  • [Brackets] indicate a descriptive placeholder name.
  • Levels with placeholder names but no author are open slots with specific requirements. More info will be posted about these levels when the devkit is released.
  • Underscores are open slots without any specific requirements, just basic considerations for the world's theme and difficulty roughly appropriate for the level's position in the game.
  • A good estimate is that each world should try and contain at least 30 Raocoins. This may require inserting Raocoins into levels that did not previously have them, but it will make things easier to balance in towns.


Level Name Author(s) Type Raocoins Leeks Exits
P.O.R.T.S. Talkhaus Town
Inner R.E.T.C.O.N. Sam EOW
Tumulta Gloria Hoeloe Boss
????? ????? ?????

World 0: Tutorial Area Region Place Zone (Tutorial/Prologue)

Name Author(s) Type Raocoins Leeks Exits
The Adventure Begins (working title) Pyro SOW
Hide and Leap Enjl
The Girl Who Leapt Through Time (and Space?) Hoeloe
Retroactive Reunion rockythechao EOW

World 1: Autumnal Epoch (Hills/Grass)

Name Author(s) Type Raocoins Leeks Exits
Totally Trollied Mata Hari Y 1
Muffin Bluff MonkeyShrapnel Y 0
Frolic Mikkofier Y 1
A Day in the Life of raocow Imaynotbehere4long N 0
Let's go Backwards TacoRadical Y 0
a stroll through the forest Griflion Y 1
Resilient Nature Marcus_E-Bear / SAJewers Y 1
Goopa Village rockythechao Town
Demo vs. the Goopinati Pyro EOW Y 0
Noctel Pyro Boss
Total 45 6

World 2: Glaciation Epoch (Snow)

Name Author(s) Type Raocoins Leeks Exits
Towards the New World Hoeloe SOW Y 0
Irradiated Ice 7NameSam N 0
Abode of the Bunnies MonkeyShrapnel Y 1
Mountian Descent SAJewers Y 1
Castle Climb During Wintertime GenesisJames N 1
Stylish Summit Enjl Y 0
Ice Block Drop Weston Smith Y 1
Peaceful Snowy Night Pyro Y 0 2
this level is canon raocow Y 0
_ Town
Brisket & Alabasta Pyro / Wasabi Boss
Total 40 4

World 3: Permian Epoch (Desert & Temples/Pyramids)

3-1 (Temples/Pyramids)

Name Author(s) Type Raocoins Leeks Exits
Demo's Journey Through Time Hoeloe Y 1
Approaching The Sand Temple Raekuul SOW Y 0
Cliffship Canyon Darkonius Makavar Y 1
[Claimed] Minnakht
[Claimed] Sturg
Dusty Grave (working title) SMCslevelengine / SAJewers
Uncle Broadsword Rockythechao Midboss
Total 15 2

3-2 (Desert)

Name Author(s) Type Raocoins Leeks Exits
Temple of Stupid Dusk209 / SAJewers N 1
Temporis Hoeloe Town
Desert Dash: Goopa Brigade! GenesisJames N 1
Awesome Moonlight Oasis Vinesaw Pool Party FrozenQuills Y 1
Lynari Desert Mabel N 1
Desert Fun Awakenyourmind N 0
Shadow of the Erebus Holy EOW Y 1
Ultimate Pandamona rockythechao Boss
Total 10 5

World 4: Subterranean Epoch (Caves)

Name Author(s) Type Raocoins Leeks Exits
Obstacle Course In a Cave Mikkofier N 0 2
Ectoplasmania Holy N 0
Mangrove Cavern SpoonyBardOL SOW Y 1 2
Glum MrSecurity / SAJewers N 0 2
Hazy Maize Cave gameguy888 Y 1
Aquatic Grotto rockythechao Y 2
Ew, These Non-Newtonian Fluids are Orange! HenryRichard N 1
_ Town
Overgrown Underground EntropyRogue / SAJewers / StraightFlame EOW N 1
Uncle @sbestos SAJewers / rockythechao Boss
Total 15 8

World 5: épopée aquatique (Water & Beach)

5-1 (Water)

Name Author(s) Type Raocoins Leeks Exits
Rocks sticking out of a lake raocow SOW Y 1
Amazing Plumber Nightmare 64 ztarwuff Y 0
The Shrine Under the Sea Validon98 Y 1
Fish Fortress SAJewers N 1
Everyone Hates Ninjis FrozenQuills Y 1
[Midboss] Holy Midboss
Total 25 5

5-2 (Beach)

Name Author(s) Type Raocoins Leeks Exits
[Denmark's Resort] Town
Bubble Trouble roundtheweel / SAJewers N 1
It is 5 AM Unaniem N 0
Sunrise Holy Y 1
Sea Turtle Sanctuary SpoonyBardOL Y 1
Starlight Resort: Grand Reopening Karatekid5 Y 1
Sea Side Slumber WestonSmith Y 1
Water area extraordinaire Waddle Derp EOW
Uncle Denmark Mabel Boss
Total 20 6

World 6: Rapidly Changing Nonsense Text (Corrupted Spacetime)

Name Author(s) Type Raocoins Leeks Exits
Monoland Mikkofier SOW Y 1
Shoe Zone 3 CastlePokeMetroid Y 1 2
Merano Holy N 2
Bog Standard arabsalmon N 1
ANMT Unaniem N 0
[Broadsword Tutorial Level]
field of goopers 1 Pyro Y 0
Raocow's Workday Mikkofier N 0
qqqqqq Hoeloe N 2
The Ups and Downs of a Demo ztarwuff N 1
The "Fall" Of Demo PlatinumTriforce / SAJewers Y 1 2
_ Town
Bellissimo Schloss del Mundo Chaotique ztarwuff EOW Y 0
Uncle Broadsword rockythechao Boss
Total 25 9

World 7: Holocene Epoch (City & Factory)

7-1 (City)

Name Author(s) Type Raocoins Leeks Exits
Down Down Down To Mephisto's Cafe SAJewers SOW N 1 2
Way Too Highrise Isireri N 1
Ann Brown and the Fountainhead Axon N 1
Hope Rides Alone Cadwyn / SAJewers N 0
Raobot SAJewers / _ Midboss
[Half-Town] Town
What's about railways? Wohlstand Y 1
Total 10 5

7-2 (Factory)

Name Author(s) Type Raocoins Leeks Exits
Frozen Shell Factory Dusk209/SAJewers Y 1
LP Production Factory SAJewers N 0
Gravity Falls ztarwuff Y 0 2
Frightening Factory Darkonius Mavakar N 1
Industrial Pandemonium Axon N 1 2
[Half-Town] Town
Entropy Engine Sedron N 1
[Uncle Rewind's Leek Soup Power Plant] Wasabi / Hoeloe EOW
Uncle Rewind Hoeloe / Wasabi Boss
Total 10 4

World 8: Ethereal Epoch (Sky/Athletic World)

Name Author(s) Type Raocoins Leeks Exits
Hillside Romp zmonbobbo / WestonSmith Y 1
FaceBlock Bound SpoonyBardOL Y 1
Soaring Sawmill FrozenQuills Y 1 2
Panic Attack in High Altitude Axon N 0
Sky Block Castle cramps-man Y 1
Rainbow Raft Ride CyberSymphonics Y 1
Night Light Fright WestonSmith N 1
Flip Block Skyway cramps-man Y 0
The Ninji Gravity Machinery Store lucasadrianogb N 1
Side Crawler's Climb SAJewers Y 0
_ Town
R.E.B.O.O.T. Talkhaus EOW
Uncle Pumpernickel Hoeloe Boss
Total 40 8

World 9: Zebraspace

Name Author(s) Type Raocoins Leeks Exits
The Descent of Nine Hoeloe Y 1 2
Hakugyokurou kitikami N 0
Super Cyclops Girl Pyro Y 1
Claustrophobia Unaniem N 1
Muwha Awakenyourmind N 1
Break the Needle Cyclops 128-Up N 1
Bat An Eye Oddwraith N 1
SKULLDUGGERY Friendly Dictator N 1
DAMNage and Damnation XutaWoo/Pyo Y 0 2
_ Town
[Final Level] Talkhaus EOW
Serac Rednaxela Boss
Total 15 7
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