This is my first real level that is made in the SMBXT engine!

The level takes place in some sort of cave deep underground where some spooky stuff is happening. Collecting a coin will show you the best way to do the upcomming jump. Coins may also effect some graphical effects and you might start to see ghosts when you collect them.

The longer you are in the level the more monsters will spawn from the deep dark realm underneath!

Difficulty: Medium/Hard

Music: Battlescape #1 (X-Com: Terror from the Deep)

Exits: 1 (Leek)

Notes/Problems: It might not be clear that the grey blocks hold items! Some jumps might be to difficult and might feel blind! 



  • Blocks need to extend 3 tiles offscreen.
  • Generators cause enemy spam.
  • Filter should be done in Lunadll.
  • Why those blue blocks, instead of the standard ? blocks?
  • Why collect coins to make things happen when you can jump right over them? You're better off using an an invisible axe.
  • Not the right folder structure.
  • Too many low ceilings. a number of times I died due to this.

-SAJewers | 22:21 ADT, November 1, 2015

REJECTED - Please use proper item blocks. I know you've shown to the player that the blue blocks contain items, but I don't feel comfortable approving a level that has that going on.

I'm a bit wary of the ghosts being unfriendly. Granted, I haven't been hurt or died because of them, but I fear what might happen if they aren't set to friendly. I personally didn't have too many issues with low ceilings like SAJewers, but they could be raised a bit.

What concerned me the most was the Disco Dan spam near the end. I can just about live with the first set, but the last two pairs in the entire level exit are just too much. Get rid of at least one pair.

Ztarwuff 21:45, November 14, 2015 (UTC)

ow my eyes also rejected by pyro