This is the first SMBX level I have ever made. I wanted to make a hard but fair level, one that challenges you but allows you to get better the more you practice it. Because this is my first level, it doesn't really have a "gimmick" of any kind 'cause I have no idea how to do anything cool. :P

Difficulty: Hard

Music: Sonic Advance 3 - Chaos Angel Act 2

Background: Sonic Advance 3 - Chaos Angel levels

Updates: - The problem with the music has been fixed. Thanks for the suggestion, darkychao!

- Updated the download link with what should be the correct format.

- Made 1st power-up easier to get, and a one-up is now in its original location. I also made the first Snifit jump and the underwater hallway section a little easier.

- I fixed the issue with the background looking weird.

- Added power-ups and moved some things around (including removing the mushroom block section) to make the level easier (again).

NEWEST UPDATE (1/10/14):


Interesting level you got here. The 1st time I played through this level it took me ages just to get past the 1st section, it was infuriating. However, the 2nd time I played through it, I beat the level on my third try. Strange. Though, there are some things I would change in the level.

  • As indicated by the photo below, that jump right there is really tricky for people playing the level for the 1st time. The two metroid shooters are stupid precise with their aiming so it makes this jump kind of dumb. I'd lower the platform a bit.
  • The 1st power-up is also a real pain to get, and it isn't really worth it to get it. The spike (in the photo) is actually fairly difficult to deal with along with the metroid 'pea-shooters'. Also, sometimes the mushroom moves left and off the screen, place a wall there so that doesn't happen. 

  • Right after that jump is the 1st snifit jumping section. The 1st actual jump from the snifit is a tad unfair. What with the metroid shooters, the two sparks, as well as the other snifit, it makes this jump yucky. I died here a lot.
  • At the part with the mushroom blocks, it's possible to accidentually throw mushroom blocks off the screen. So I would either place walls on the sides here to block them, or just create a mushroom block generator.
  • I would place a power-up at the mid-point. There's an underwater hallway with a fish and two metroid shooters which seem impossible to dodge. A power-up would be pretty handy here.
  • The rest of the level is pretty good. Nice and intense platforming.
  • Did you accidentually save your background as a .gif in Paint? Since at the moment it looks really weird at the moment. I'm asking that because I know paint tries to 'help' when saving as a .gif and it ends up looking all pixelated.

This level should be Approved after some level changes.

--sturgyman 3:13 PM 7/3/2013 (MDT)

I'll get to editing this sometime soon, when I have time. But I just wanna say that I'm pretty sure the mushroom platforms respawn. If not, I'll add a generator. I may just remove the fish to make it just a quick dash-and-dodge section, so no power-up at the midpoint will be needed. I feel the first jump is fair, mostly because there isn't really an alternate way to get to the platform. I'll update the wiki with changes when I get around to it, though, so thanks for the review.

     - Louiejub


-sturgyman 3:41 PM 8/9/2013 (MDT)

This is a difficult and fun level. I approve -8flight