Canopy Journey is a level created by Unaniem as a submission for A2MBXT. Isn't that amazing kids?


02-01-14: Finalization update: Download


Canopy Journey was the very first level I, Unaniem, created using the SMBX engine, so you can expect some amateur mistakes to be present within the level.

My approach for the level was to make it feel like it was somewhat crowded, with the level boardes being limited, yet using most of the space that is actually availible within them (i.e.: Section 3).

Although, having finished testing the level and whatnot, going with such a general composition does have it's drawbacks too, as the screen may be somewhat ugly to look at when viewed on larger scale, and it doesn't give the player a great feeling of exploration, which goes well with how large the different sections of a level can be in this engine.

If I end up making future levels, I don't think that I'll use this approach once more.

There isn't much else to say, seeing how, in general, the level can possibly be considered somewhat generic.

Here's he BGM used, BTW.

Important Notes

One exit. The level starts somewhere in the middle of a forest and ends up in the clouds at around the same X and Z coordinates of the beginning of the level. The exit uses a SMB3 exit leek.


I approve with changes.  Easy level.  Make it so the plants come out of pipes instead of anywhere.


I had fun with this level, there were quite a few graphical things that I would fix though. In section 1, the 1st SMW bush on the bottom looks cut-off at the bottom. I'd uncheck the 'auto-align' feature and fix that, same thing for the SMB1 grass. Also, make it so that there is nothing in front of the tree door, since at the moment you enter the tree through the ground and it just looks weird. Section 2 is fine. Section 3 has a missing waterfall tile (you'll see it). And the rest its fine. There's this one jump in section three that's kind of annoying since if you miss it you have to start from the mid-point again, nothing too serious though. I'll approve the level after those minor changes. 

-sturgyman 5:38 PM 7/11/2013 (MDT) 

I approve. Forementioned cutoff has been fixed, and the plants come out of pipes.

-Willhart (talk) 07:28, July 21, 2013 (UTC)