A Babby's first level involving going up an down. Also the screen wraps.


Rejected. This level does not follow the proper format and, what's more, it is just plain bad. It breaks other levels by giving two extremely powerful, extremely easy power-ups for little to no reason and, besides that, it is EXTREMELY ugly. You only use blocks and no more complex platforms, these blocks are in seemingly random patterns with no rhyme or reason, and the enemies are just sort of there. In Screen Two you can just fall - the enemies won't even bother you. The level is over in less than a minute, basically. Also, the fact that you make us fly at the beginning for no real reason is deeply unintuitive. Maybe some coins to indicate flight or... Something? The composition is non-existant as well. The music, when I did put it in manually, is ENTIRELY inappropriate. Just because you like a song does not mean it is appropriate for your level (I'll give you a hint - Touhou rarely is. Only very specific circumstances). Also, what was your inspiration for this level? Did you have any? Or did you just randomly put blocks down and decide "I did it. I made a level." I don't mean to be rude - I'm trying to help. For your next attempt, try to come up with a level concept first. "Demo takes a train ride," "Oh no - Lava Phantos!" "The Great Boo Jamboorie," etc. and make a level based on that. Doodling is fine, but only do so when you at least have a vague end-goal in mind. That said, this level is unfixable. Scrap it. Horikawa Otane (talk) 06:40, July 3, 2013 (UTC)

I could really go on about how porrly thought out the second section looks, but I won't. My main beef with the level is that you're using the SMB3 leek twice. I've said this mulriple times that we will not accept levels that an exit multiple times. I'm not even gonna play this level, as it seems two oher people don't like it anyway.  Auto-Rejected. -SAJewers | 11:38 ADT, July 6, 2013