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Totally not Silver Surfer.


Version 5

  • Replaced all the SMB3 Lakitus with SMW Lakitus to compensate for the increased difficulty caused by the smaller hitbox with the new Lakitu graphics.

Version 4.2

  • Replaced the character switch blocks with a LunaDLL script to prevent taking a blue boot outside the level or entering it with a Yoshi.

Version 4.1

  • Changed the Hammer powerup in the second section to be a generator (this was always intended, it just slipped my mind)

Version 4

  • Raised the very short lava ceiling in Section 1 that Frozelar marked as an issue

Version 3

  • Fixed being able to fly above the level
  • Increased the gaps between the Bullet Bills in the first section's "bullet tunnel"
  • Removed some of the Banzai Bills in the first section
  • Added some coins to the first section
  • Changed Big Boo's sprite to the Yoshi's Island sprite

Version 2

  • Removed the raocow only restriction
  • Changed the ending to a SMB3 leek
  • Removed some Eeries & Bullet Bills from the first section



Big Boo from Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island (ripped and converted to SMBX by Bacon)


  • Silver Surfer (NES) - BGM 1

  • Silver Surfer (NES) - BGM 2
  • Silver Surfer (NES) - Section Completed
  • Silver Surfer (NES) - Device Completed


I approve.  A hard level, but not too long. Pretty much everything one shots you. I was going to criticize the low gap you have to fly through, but then I remembered that you can duck-fly.


Approved with changes - Frozelar Changes addressed & fixed - Doctor Shemp

This level was pretty hard, but pretty enjoyable at the same time. I'd say the hardest part of the level was the fairly tight corridor with bullet bills. It's a tad frantic to maintain the blue shoe at a safe height while worrying about getting rid of bullets. In fact, this is probably the first SMBX level where I've frantically pressed buttons haha. One thing I kind of don't like about the level was how everyone's gourd projectile seems to arch upward, when it would feel better if it were straight. The best character for this level is raocow in my opinion, since his projectiles don't arch as much (though, trying to focus the boomerang so you can fire it again is a bit of a pain). The level also gives you the opportunity to stock up on gourds amongst the characters. At the mid-point, you can switch between characters and obtain power-ups for each. It's kind of a cheap farm, so I'd probably not have a gourd generator but instead have two gourds placed in the same place, that way only one character will have the gourd. The saws in the second section are a bit cheap the 1st time through, but once you know they're there one can pass them fairly easily. Lastly there's a funny glitch on the first screen in which a player can duck-slide into the gourd generator and glitch into the wall, I don't know why that happens.

You can fix those things if you want to, they aren't completely necessary, but you got my approval.

-sturgyman 2:25 PM 7/12/2013 (MDT)


  • Including 2 gourds instead of a gourd generator wouldn't stop one player from getting both and leaving the second out in the cold. People will do this.
  • I'm not sure what causes that glitch. Why would people be duck-sliding into the gourd generator anyway?

- Doctor Shemp 14/7/2013