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Now : Final version V2

I started having fun by resizing some sprites and then realised i wanted to do a whole "giant world" , that's the result .


There is only one SMB3 star exit .

Download :

Download - Bigger is better

Updates :


-Changed the ennemies to fit the ASMBXT world .

-The vines now have sprites that make them less cut-off.

-Resized the thwomp so it's easier to not get hit from it . (i won't remove it because i don't consider it to be a dick move since you should have seen it comming .)

-Fixed the backward walking ennemies .

-Also : giant radish and giant dragon coins .


Approved with the change. Goopas and paragoopas are missing the animation for moving right on the level editor. Add "framestyle=0" to the text files npc-1 and npc-244 to fix it. Also optionally you can add background tiles with two black pixels to the both ends of those vines to make them look less cut-off. -Willhart.

There's a major issue as noted above with the Goombas. Also, why Goombas and Koopas? I see no reason why you couldn't have used Furbas and Goopas, which are in  the Demo Universe. The Large Thwomp is IMO a dick move, and the Vine section after that is real boring and more annoying than fun. I also do not like the blatant cutoff on the vines. To me, this level was tedious, boring, and very uninspiring. Voting to Reject. ---SAJewers | 11:27 ADT, June 24, 2013

My gripes are pretty much identical to the complaints made by SAJewers, so I'm not gonna restate them for the sake of restating them. However, I personally found the level itself to be fun and interesting, especially going through the second half in regular size at first, and then going through the huge version. The message box also made me laugh. Fix the graphical issues, because I'd hate to see the level not make it into the game. Approved with changes.

OK, I went through the updated version. It's a bit better, but there are still a few major things that need addressing:

  • You're using SMB3 blcoks and graphics, but in the regular section, there's SMW pipes. Why? You should be using the SMB3 pipe. There is no reason to use the SMW pipes here. Swap the SMW pipes for the SMB3 pipes.
    • Also, look in the CGFX Pack for the Pipe Elbow grphics to fix that cutoff. Again, I can't see a reason to not do its, and it would make things that much better,
  • The vine graphics are different in both sections. As well, there's the blatant cutoff that needs to be fixed.
  • The Thwomp is still a dick move, and a no-no in level design. It's never a good idea to place a hazard  where a player can get hurt right after a warp. Remove the Thwomp.
    • Plus, it's not even the right graphic.
  • A Beetr/Mushroom in the Reserve Box is quite glitchy. Just use a small beet.
  • The Gimmick is ruined by the fact the First section is different in both sections. They should match each other exactly.
  • Everything seems in the big section seems to be 3x3, but the breakable blocks are 2x2, making everything look out of proportion. Pick one size of 2x2 or 3x3 and stick with it throughout.
  • The Spike tops aren't the right graphic.

See if you can fix these, and I'll look at this again. -SAJewers | 12:34 ADT, August 4, 2013