A late-game/postgame level based specifically on one mechanic: Bat Jumping.

This is early alpha, so if you have ideas on how to make this level better, just tell me.

Also, mad props go to Kil for giving me that LunaLua "you no longer can just stack lives that easily by constantly bouncing on enemies" code.

Update 19/10/2014

- Added a big boo replacement sprite.

- Put the filter along with the powerup outside, to filter out catnips and sacks.

- Made several jumps less dumb.

- Added some drill roses in the last part of the 1st section.

- General cleanup.

Update 22/10/2014

- More cleanup.

- Deleted the last part of the 1 section.

- Set almost every bat to "Don't Move".

- General design changes.

- Removed some bats from the secret section.


Nice level, but:

  • Use LunaDLL for the player and mount filters
  • Cut the shortcut out
  • You didn't extend all your platforms 3 tiles offscreen

I like the level, and I'm going to approve it, but those need to be changed. If you don't, I will. -SAJewers | 23:05 ADT, November 1, 2015

Approved by Pyro

APPROVED - WestonSmith (November 22 2015)

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