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I could not deside whatever I wanted to make A castle Grass or ice level so I made a wierd combo not sure where to put it in term of difficulty though it start as a Grass level and end as a Ice level

Updated:Fixed so that level no longer reffers to you as Demo

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Normal exit:Smb2 orb

Secret exit:SMW Key





I approve. It's nice seeing a moderate difficult level with a moderate length.

-8flight I approve.  A hard but fairly short level.  You are aware that the player can play this level as anyone even though you say only "demo" in your little story.  Also I'm not sure if there should be a space in your level file's name.


Unless I'm missing a reference, this just screams of Youtube Level. I mean, the spelling and grammer is terrible. You have random scenery changes that make no sense. The Keyhole with no key is very misleading, even with a "theere is no key" message, which is a terrible idea anyway. There's even a trap that kills the player, which is an absolute no-no. This is easily the worst level I've reviewed so far. Rejected. -SAJewers | 23:03 ADT, August 21, 2013

22 minutes in I reject this level. It reallies mostly on project spam for gameplay and there are many technical issues. Septentrion Euchoreutes (talk) 18:48, September 14, 2013 (UTC)

While there are some creative ideas with the level, there are some partial unfair gameplay elements, particularly in the last two sections. The underwater section is reall difficult to navigate on either sides due to how slow you move underwater. While the ice section you can unknowingly get hit by a bananasnake projectile that higher above you, not to mention other enemies you can't really such as the thwomp. The 'story' of the level is pretty strange, as I have no idea if this is supposed to be a joke level or not, since the silliness factor is kind of in the middle. However, I think there can be changes made to the level. Reduce the silliness, fix the level design, and all those other issues that everyone else has mentioned. Approved after some major changes, otherwise rejected.

-sturgyman 3:20 PM 9/18/2013 (MDT)