A silly non-lua SMB2 level.

Might graphically overhaul this later but the design is all there.


Sand graphics by Squishy Rex.

Big pipe graphics by h2643.

Main music is from pieman19 on Youtube.

Easter egg is by Emral.


11/22/15 - Made the level mount friendly and added a bonus section with a pink catnip.

11/22/15 #2 - Added barriers to end section, made level easier for Sheath, added enemy to indicate level wrap.

11/25/15 - Made second half very slightly longer, added easter egg.

12/4/15 - Added disco lights!!!

12/4/15 #2 - Made a cool light transition to the vertical part(y)


Mentioned my thoughts on Skype already. Kaizo trap at the end, 3 akward vinesaws for Sheath in the autoscroll, wasn't clear it became level wrap. Otherwise, approved. -SAJewers | 11:42 ADT, November 22, 2015

Approved by Pyro

Approved by duvi0 on a twitch stream.

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