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Alright, this is how it's going to go down, yah know how in ASMBXT Kood, Raocow, and Sheath came out of pretty much nowhere? Well in what exactly is going on this game that's explained in more detail. Remember how Kood had said that he followed Joey through several interdimensional portals before catching up with him in AUT(A Universe Thing)? Well apparently those have been showing up all over the place. Upon returning to The Master's spaceship thing thing Demo and Iris learn that someone has managed to steal some "super leeks" which were being used to power the ship, fortunately the leeks brought back were enough to power the ship's life support temporally, the sisters are tasked to return to the surface of the nearby planet to search for the stolen super leeks; after searching about for a while they find that Kood has returned. He has learned that someone has been using an interdimensional portal generator powered by stolen grand stars, these portals have been becoming increasingly unstable and that it's only a matter of time before they start to tear universes apart. The thing is that even though the forces of the Mushroom Kingdom have managed to return all the grand stars that these portals have continued to show up. Demo and Iris explain to him their plight and they figure that the generator has been using the power of the super leeks to continue working. They call on the aid of raocow again as he was the most skilled of them (he did manage to beat fluffy quest after all). Oh... and Sheath is there to.

World List

Note: Levels in Bold contain Bosses. Levels in Italics contain two exits. Underlined Levels use LunaDLL (not counting Boss information in the HUD or player filtering) . See also: Episode 1 Submission List, World Structure

World 1: Easy Peasy: Planet of the Cheezy

Name Author
Tutorial SAJewers
Remakes Are So Cliche SAJewers
Giant Egg Feenicks
A World One Level Septentrion_Pleiades
This Sounds Accurate Maiku Wotaharu
Dense Jangle Vergalon
Steeltown Mine Co. SAJewers
Pet Rock Weston Smith
MAKL Vanilla ztarwuff
Wood Zone Netosmar
Another Castle Dragondraikk

World 2:The Planet of Preventable Forests

Name Author
The Preventable Forest Path Pholtos
Pimp Yo Ride KingTwelveSixteen
Omelet Jungle Mandew
Koopa Time MonkeyShrapnel
Plant Zone MonkeyShrapnel
Farina Station Joseph Staleknight
Edge of the Night Menshay
Ohh No A Ghost Arfman
Canopy Journey Unaniem
Poison Tree Narolas
Just Rusty! Willhart
Sheath partakes in an interlude Mikkofier

World 3:The Beach Episode Planet

Name Author
his name was king Minnakht
Sloppy Sands MonkeyShrapnel
Sandy Sands oshaoshawot
Cinder Canyon Alpherio
Forgotten World That We Just Remembered Cjn14
Floating Falls Tayeu
The Triforce Trials GannonTEK
Desert Town Willhart
Load Bearing Bricks Weston Smith
The Plains of Ulysses Mad Dragondraikk
Nice and Easy Mikkofier
The Good, The Bad and The Stupid Raocow

World 4:Colonial Seattle

Name Author
Demo Rosemary and the Militarists Demolition
Rainy Day Phoba555
Just Another Screen 8flight
Soggy Steelworks Heavy Sigh
Tall Tall Ghost House CyberSymphonics
Swimming in the Rain BeatBoxingBoo
Fahren Unaniem
Out of Season DinnerSonic
A Shelter in the Snow? Diggertron
Snowboardin' SAJewers
26th Place: Level 1 - Winter City AUS
Johnson McCain and the Communists Axon

World 5: Mantreol

Name Author
900 Place Des Ormeaux Demolition
Dyin' For an Electrifyin' sturgyman
Parc du Debonair Septentrion_Pleiades
Crazed Circuitry Menshay
Fun Times at the Laundromat Axon
Lightning in a Box Axon
Superfluous Security Sedron
Cityrun Alpherio
Mantreopolis Demolition
Fun Fungus Function Ometeotl
I Do Think You Fit This Shoe Demolition
Grand Trunk Arena Minnakht
EuroShell R&D Ztarwuff
Baker Street Mabel
Sheath Courage Returns SAJewers

World 6: Anti-Nirvana

Name Author
Lethal Lava Cave Land Menshay
Take It What Now? Vergalon
Slide Like You Mean It Joseph Staleknight
Xelenet Village SAJewers
Magma's Cove Gezo24
The Subterranean Base GenoWhirled
Fun With A Key Phencer42
Qraestolia Caverns SAJewers
The Descent Unaniem
Boxing Day Demoition
A Short Stroll Doctor Shemp
ShoeZone2 CastlePokemetroid
Static Life Willhart

World 7: Technically not a planet just a ball of atmosphere

Name Author
Technically Atmosphereric Jolpengammler
Spin! Pierce the Heavens! freelop
Island Place That Somehow Floats StraightFlame
Michigan Test Willhart
Wooden Platforms Hanging in the Sky Kuribo
Archwing Skyperch Jayscribble
Bronze Fortress Alpherio
Item Babysitting Horikawa Otane
Curtain Tortoise Joseph Staleknight
In Flandre's Skies Demolition
Fruitcat Clouds Willhart
Ghosts in Space Axon
Super Happy Bonus Bonanza Moosh
SuperHigh Skyway Heavy Sigh
Castle of the World Moosh

World 8: The Planet Of  Non-Diurnal Content 

Name Author
Mistrial/Content Nowhere SAJewers
Custom C++ Code, Example #3 Docopoper
Navel Of The Universe Louiejub
Alternative Invasion Mikkofier
Castle of the Above and Elsewhere Octagon
Peculiar Night Unaniem
Twinkle Tower XutaWoo
Pavlov Gold ztarwuff
Dark Side Of The Sun Louiejub
Everyone Has A Starman Except You Weston Smith
Party, Platform, and DODGE!! RedstarDirector & sturgyman
Blue Surfer Doctor Shemp
Monty Mole's Aerial Extravaganza Maiku Wotaharu
Desolate Town 8flight
Final Level (Name pending) Septentrion_Pleiades, SAJewers, Sturgyman & Docopoper
Episode 1 Credits SAJewers, Holy

World 9: Zebraspace

Name Author
an experience Raocow
The Floor is Lava! Docopoper
Refuge Town Holy
Action of Syo and Bon Darkychao
Retroville 8flight
Unseen and mysterious future Jolpengammler
The Depths of the Transcendental Dimension Frozelar
Abstract Assault Docopoper
Family Reunion Holy
Action.rar Jolpengammler
The Tower Of Dr. Zalost Isrieri
Jaybird & Quack! ~Doubt!^ Talkhaus
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