It's a boss level

Stuff used

SMBX Expanded Graphic Pack

Here Be Thy Judgement

Approved with Changes. If you are really set on using tiles from each game, I'd suggest using different ones then those that you chose. So, I've played the newest version (July 16/2013). I'm gonna go ahead and say APPROVED, since my biggest concerns have been resolved (the midpoint and the tilesets). However, there are a few minor things I want to point out.

1) The midpoint graphic is missing the top section.

2) There is a warp to the midpoint at the start. If that's meant to be there, cool. If not, you might want to remove it.

Thanks for taking the time to take my feedback in and work with it.

-Weston Smith (July 16/2013)

The msuic in section 1 seems out of place to me. I think this is because we changed the Devkit Music after you made this level. You should change the music, or I can find some better fitting music for you.

Other than that, this is great. Approved. -SAJewers | 19:37 ADT, August 6, 2013

I approve.  An easy level.  The level is also quite strange in terms of concept.


Pretty simple level, there are a few slight though;

  • In the 1st section, there one portion of land in which the there are no corner tiles and makes it look ugly. They're pretty easy to spot so just add corners there.
  • There's a pretty bland part in section 1 where it's just a giant wooden hill and no more. Could you add some backgrounds or some other obstacles to make it less bland?
  • In Mario's dialouge, I would either add even more '-a's behind words to make excessive fun of Mario's stereotype.

But yeah, the level itself is pretty simple and nothing bad that'll prevent it from getting in. Approved after some changes.

-sturgyman 7:06 PM 8/19/2013 (MDT)