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Playable Characters

Demo Roseclair

Main article: Demo (Character)

The main character of the ASMT series, a simple Armless Bipedal Cycloptic Demon (ABCD).  She loves vegetables, especially radishes and leeks, and she’s somewhat impatient and has a general disregard for anything irrelevant to the task at hand.  Originally created by the Artist, she now eagerly serves her new master, the Space Master of Space.


Main article: Iris (character)

Demo’s older and wiser twin sister. A calculating individual, Iris prefers a more strategic approach compared to her sister’s brute force tactics; because of this, she’s typically the master's go-to when something important needs doing.  She has numerous pet catllamas and greatly dislikes Pal for some reason.


Main article: Kood (character)

A self-proclaimed “intergalactic secret agent” who, after resolving his vendetta against a certain cow (no, not that one, the other one) decided to start following our heroines around. Kood has a bit of an ego, believing he’s more important and charismatic than he actually is, and he considers himself the straight man to everyone else’s antics.


Main article: Sheath (character)

The protagonist of A.T.X.S. who somehow found herself in the ASMT ‘verse, a hyperactive sixteen-year-old girl with a small brain and a smaller attention span. Her ability to recover from grievous injuries by forgetting about them allows her to survive otherwise fatal attacks.  In her dreams she sometimes sees a blood-red cabin in a twilit bayou, which calls to her with a voiceless, pulsating urge.


Main article: Raocow (character)

Just a normal guy who, thanks to a computer virus, got sucked into a world populated by characters he created and ones from games he’s played. Though he had trouble adjusting at first, he’s since resigned to his fate, assuming that he's either lost his mind or is in some kind of personal purgatory.

The Siblings

Main article: Siblings

Demo's and Iris' other brothers and sisters.  They serve as the main antagonists of A2XT Episode 1, having been sent by the Artist to retrieve Demo and Iris and reinstate their mind control.  Their fate as of the ending of Episode 1 is currently unknown, with them possibly having died in the destruction of the universe.

The Uncles

Main article: Uncles

The previous generation of ABCDs created by raocow [1].  They will be serving an antagonistic role in Episode 2.

The Elders

Main article: Elders

These characters were created by raocow as the "grandparent generation of space demons". [2]  They are currently planned to serve as antagonists in Episode 3.

The Second Cousins

Main article: Second Cousins

A group of ABCDs created by a rival of the Artist that are somehow related to the Elders [3]. They will serve as antagonists of Episode 3.

Other Characters


A cold and calculating little girl originating from A.T.X.S. She carries her carnivorous pet Orbit with her everywhere she goes and constantly plots to give Orbit Sheath's regenerative powers by feeding him her meat. For as-of-yet unknown reasons, Feed serves as an almost omniscient and omnipresent guide throughout Episode 1.


Demo's pet dog, beloved by everyone except Iris. She doesn't remember when she got him, but she doesn't really care. He first appears in A2XT Episode 1.

The Artist

The enigmatic creator of Demo, Iris and their siblings. He uses mind control to keep his creations obedient, and after Demo and Iris escape his clutches he sends the Siblings out to retrieve them.


A servant of the Space Master of Space who helps around the ship and informs Demo and Iris of any happenings while they're away on a mission.

The Space Master of Space

Demo's mysterious master, one of a group of powerful beings that enslaved the ABCDs and drove them to extlong ago. Not much is known about him other than his insatiable appetite for vegetables; he constantly sends Demo and Iris on missions to obtain more of them.

The Key Boss

The supposed ruler of the Castle of No Significance. Was defeated by Demo and company in ASMBXT.

The Flesh Lord

An eldritch terror of ambiguous plantlike nature. Either an ally or subject of worship by Nevada.

The Blood God

A god of death and destruction that Demo worships. Resembles a giant drop of blood.

Black Plague

A ridiculous-looking demon that shows up every once in a while to torment Demo. He's a lot less of a threat than he makes himself out to be.

Parrot Boom Boom

A gigantic Boom Boom tyrant with a parrot head that subjugated all the birds in the world until Demo showed up to stop him.


"When AXMT/A1XT/ASMBXT/whatever was started, raocow suggested it be an Episode 0 to ASMT, but I'm not sure that was ever made official. I'm fine with having AXMT being before ASMT, But A2XT Episode 1 should occur After ASMT in the timeline. I kinda think of the timeline this way:


A2MT and the MAGL series would be alternate universe side-cannons, ACZT's spot on the tmeline being debatable."
~ SAJewers [4]

After thinking about it, I think a better option is this:

ASMT & AZCT (AZCT being debateable) > A2MT (Revived) > ASMBXT > A2XT EP1 > EP2 > EP3 > EP4

A2MT not being canon (due to no plot or related things being finished), and The MAGL series being an alternate universe that has no bearing on the main canon.

Main Series Games


Main article: Story/ASMT

On a routine grocery run for her Master, Demo becomes stranded in the Mushroom Kingdom and gets caught up in a war between the Yoshis and Charlies. Eventually retrieving her teleporter from King Charles, she finds it has been tampered with and is forced to fight Black Plague before she can return to her Master's spaceship.


Main article: Story/A2MT

A2MT was originally meant to serve as the origin of the Siblings, but after the project was canceled elements of the story were recycled into A2XT Episode 1. The game was later picked up and finished by Tobi555, complete with a new plot: After the events of ASMT Demo ignores the original plot laid out by Iris and instead goes on a random adventure to save the birds of the world from Parrot Boom Boom.


Main article: Story/ASMBXT

Demo and Iris explore the Castle of No Significance, collecting leeks and going on random adventures. Sheath, Kood and raocow also end up there for their own reasons. Eventually, Demo and company confront and finally defeat the Key Boss.

A2XT Episode 1: Analog Funk

Main article: Story/A2XT Episode 1

Demo, Iris, Kood, raocow and Sheath journey across multiple worlds to recover stolen super leeks and prevent the destabilization of reality. In the process of doing so they free the Siblings from captivity, who proceed to antagonize the heroes until they storm the siblings' castle. Demo and company then learn that Science was using the super leeks to stop reality from falling apart, but due to Pandamona's intervention the universe collapses anyway; Sheath is the only survivor.

A2XT Episode 2

Main article: Story/A2XT Episode 2

The story of Episode 2 will feature Demo and crew working with a race of mechanical time-maintaining bird people called the Chronotons to restore reality while dealing with the Uncles.

A2XT Episode 3

Main article: Story/A2XT Episode 3

Episode 3 is set to feature the Elders as the antagonists as well as a group of ABCDs called the Second Cousins that were created by a rival of the Artist.

A2XT Episode 4

The fourth and final episode of the A2XT series will feature the Artist as the main antagonist as well as numerous enemies and characters from games raocow has played.

Other Media


Main article: ATXS

The webcomic that Sheath, Feed and other characters originated from; visuals by raocow and written by [AOD].


Main article: AZCT

A Zelda Classic game starring Sheath on her own adventure.

What the Hell

Main article: What the Hell (Game)

A Super Mario World hack by raocow featuring Demo and Pily.


Main article: MaGL X

The first Make a Good Level X contest.  Some levels feature ASMT characters.


Main article: MaGL X2

The second Make a Good Level X contest. Some levels feature ASMT characters.


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