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Credits: I did everything it's all mine nobody gets credit except Freen in Green for the song. Also this level is easy to mediumish to easyish difficulty I have no idea nobody has tested it yet

EDIT: Someone played it and I'd still go with the above summary. World one or two? Probably play it before deciding that.

End formatting: YO!

(formatting of the level and its contents itself fixed)

26th Place - AUS: "Level 1 - Winter City"

It's basically a really bad MAGL level from the future. The actual level is just meant for comedic purposes. Oh, and formatting. Yay. ONE EXIT, ENDS IN A LEEK


Accepted with changes

It's possible to get to the crusher platforms before SMBX's inability to do maths properly causes them to be low enough to be possible. I'd suggest starting them slightly lower (turn off the align function if you dare) or adding a note to explain this. Or you could forcibly slow the player down with autoscroll and then stop the autoscroll, but that would be a pretty major revision.

I'd also recommend making the thwomp a bit higher so that the reaction times required for the first time you see it aren't quite so inhuman.

The level is impossible with Sheath since Sheath can't duck properly. Therefore the crusher section is impossible (unless, hypothetically, you're prepared to wait for hours for them to descend, but I haven't and won't test for this). You should adjust the level to filter out Sheath. - Doctor Shemp

In it's current design, the cutoff crusher section can not be done as Sheath. Approved pending a fix or a filter. -SAJewers | 11:02 ADT, June 30, 2013

Pholtos' Judging